Lo-Chlor Clarifiers

Lo-Chlor Maxifloc

Lo-Chlor Maxifloc

Maxi Floc Plus is the newest heavy duty clarifier designed to quickly clear the cloudiest swimming pools.

Available sizes: 1 lt (12 units), 5 lt (4 units), 25L, 200L
Formulation details: Poly Aluminium Chloride complex plus Polymer


Floc most pools in under six hours.
Restores clarity in the cloudiest pool water.
Use to remove dead algae and other floating particles.
No messy residue.

Application rates

1 litre per 50,000 litres.

Hot tips for pool professionals

1)Do not run Maxi-Floc through the pool filtration system. Use the recirculate setting where available. Otherwise remove the filter grids prior to application of Maxi-Floc.
2)The dosage of Maxi-Floc is critical (as with all Alum type preparations). There are many complex factors which determine the concentrations of Maxi-Floc required to ensure effective coagulation. Unless sufficient Maxi-Floc is used, floccing acitivity will be minimal.
3)When using Maxi-Floc in water containing high concentrations of positively charged ions (salt water pools) be aware that the overall floc size is reduced. This will result in a floc of lighter appearance and intensity than otherwise might be anticipated.


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