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  • Net'n'clean in-floor cleaning
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    Net'n'clean in-floor cleaning

    Swimming pools always look their best with sparkling water, free from dirt and leaves. With the Astral Pool Net'n'Clean in-floor swimming pool cleaning system, you can have a cleaning system that is virtually invisible, completely automatic and totally integrated with your electronic Viron Connect swimming pool control system. No unsightly leaves or debris with absolutely no time or effort put in by you or your family to maintain your swimming pool's appearance.
    Net'n'Clean in-floor cleaning systems use high pressure water jets installed in the floor of your swimming pool to push the dirt and debris from the floor of your swimming pool down to a central collection point where it can be removed by the pools filtration system.


    • Automatic cleaning system for all kinds of pools
    • Installed at the bottom of the pool to reach every area
    • Can be installed in concrete or liner pools
    • Extremely simple to operate
    • Low energy consumption to minimize operating costs
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    Net'n'clean in-floor cleaning
    Net'n'clean in-floor cleaning
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