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  • Typhoon Robotic Pool Cleaner
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    Typhoon Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Packed full of unique features and packaged in a modern durable case, the Aquatron Typhoon Pro has the ability to clean any Olympic or commercial sized swimming pool.
    The patented AquaSmart system in the Typhoon has a unique electronic control program linked to sophisticated directional control mechanisms. The Typhoon Pro uses this combination of on-board computer electro-mechanical design to literally map any pool configuration, allowing it to efficiently and thoroughly clean you aquatic facility in a systematic manner that eliminates excess wear and tear overlapping motions.


    • Suitable for Olympic or commercial size swimming pools
    • Wireless remote control unit
    • Different speed settings
    • Runs automatically for 3-5 hr
    • Reduced workload on pool filter


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    Typhoon Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Typhoon Robotic Pool Cleaner
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