Salt Water Chlorinators


Salt water chlorinators are designed to generate sanitiser to keep you pool water healthy and algae free. Allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it.


Every pool needs to be sanitised. Once the filter has removed the organic material that algae and bacteria feed on, the sanitiser destroys all the remaining bacteria and algae which can be dangerous to swimmers and bathers. Salt Chlorinators are of the most popular forms of pool sanitising in New Zealand. AstralPool’s salt chlorinators can be used in conjunction with salt or minerals.

Our range of chlorinators all incorporate self cleaning functions and include models for the budget conscious through to totally automated sanitiser and pH control for the most perfect water quality you are likely to find. We even manufacture a fresh water chlorinator that operates off the natural TDS in the swimming pool. Combined with our Acqua Therepe Minerals you can experience a swimming and bathing experience like no other.