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Swimming Pool Automation

In today's connected age, the ability to control functions of your swimming pool without needing to climb into a small, dirty pump shed is almost an essential feature on a new swimming pool,  but did you know our range of automation products can get your existing pool connected quickly and easily.
Your choice of automation depends very much on what it is that you want control of - chose from an option below and see which product is going to best suit your needs.

Spa Pools:
If you have an older existing spa pool with failed and or faulty air switches, or no switches at all, the PAL Commander series of controller will allow you to set times and manually override most basic spa controls. The Commander series of remotes usually don't require an electrician for installation.  Their design provides for single or double 10amp or 15amp 3 pin plugs on the inlet and a choice of 2, 4 or 8 3 pin outlets

Lighting Control.
Its easy to add some basic automation to swimming pool lighting. Whether you have older style halogen lights or the latest in LED underwater pool lights, the Bellson range of remote switches, can allow on/off control of your pools lighting via your phone.  If you are using Spa Electrics MultiPlus series of LED lights, then the Iris remote lets you change colours from a handheld remote. Or for the ultimate in lighting control,  the Spa Electrics Lit Yard works with both the retro series lights and the full range of Spa Electrics pool lights with an easy to use WiFi enabled App.

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