Technical Advice

Planning a Swimming Pool

Planning Your Swimming Pool

Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

swimming pool cleaners

Building a Swimming Pool

how to find a pool builder

Swimming Pool Heating

Extend your swimming season or swim year round, we have a range of gas heaters, electric heat pumps and solar heating options to suit your needs. Talk to us about which system is best for you

Pool Algae Prevention & Treatment

There are around 20,000 different types of Algae in the world of which 3,000 are common to New Zealand. It is possible and in fact quite common to get more than one type of Algae present in a pool at the same time.

Pool Chemical Maintenance

Your swimming pools water should be clear, healthy and safe for your family and friends. Correctly maintained water eliminates potentially harmfull bateria and protects your swimming pool and its equipment against corrosion and scale buildup.

Swimming Pool Stains

All you need to know about metal and organic stains and most importantly – how to remove them...

Types of Swimming Pool

Swimming pools in New Zealand are typically defined as "above ground" or "inground" and then by the type of material they are constructed from. Your selection of a pool type will depend on your budget, your section/pool site area, how quickly you want it installed and personal tastes.

Water Feature Design Guide

At Aqua Clear Products we happen to think that water is one of the most beautiful and exciting materials on the planet. 

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