RolaChem RO9 | Automatic Chlorine

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RolaChem RO9 | Automatic Chlorine Control

The RolaChem RO9 uses advanced sensors and software to continuously monitor and adjust the level of your pool or spas sanitiser to keep your water healthy and free of bacteria. The RO9 tests your pools water 20 times per hour and automatically adjusts the required level of sanitiser to suit bather loads and water requirements.Maintaining the optimal level of sanitiser in your swimming pool or spa is important not just for bather comfort, but to also instantly kill any bacteria that are introduced to the water. By actively monitoring and dosing sanitiser the RolaChem RO9 automatic sanitiser not only keeps you safe and comfortable, but reduces chlorine consumption.


  • Controls sanitiser levels
  • Maintains healthy and safe water
  • Automatically adjusts for weather conditions
  • Automatically adjusts for pool usage
  • Reduces time & maintenace


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RolaChem RO9 | Automatic Chlorine

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