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CA Premium Media Filter | AstralPool

CA premium swimming pool media filters are designed and manufactured in Australia with an advanced injection moulding and assembly process. CA Premium media filters have been engineered to provide long life and optimal flow rates.

Crystal Clear Water
The AstralPool CA Media Filter produces crystal clear water using fine sand or recycled crushed glass media as the filter medium. Each filter incorporates an engineered multiport valve to direct the water flow and minimise the resistance through the filter, making the CA Media Filter ideal for today’s energy efficient high performance pumps.

Filter Breakthrough
The CA range uses high quality hardened steel tooling to produce high tolerance, high strength tanks which provide a long life. This high tolerance enables the screw on lock ring to secure the multiport valve along with self sealing barrel unions which enable fast, simple installation, easy service and access to the filter media in future years.

Suited for your pool
The CA range is available in 4 models complete with 6 way multiport valve, pressure gauge and air release, barrel unions and backwash sight glass.

AstralPool CA Sand Filters are perfect to combine with Viron Glass filter media for clean, healthy and sparkling pool water.


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CA Premium Media Filter | Astralpool

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