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Metal Solution

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Concentred METAL SEQUESTERENT That Helps REMOVE & CONTROL Unwanted DISSOLVED METALS From Swimming Pools & Spas.


  • Sequesters and removes metals from pool water by forming complexes (chelation).
  • Aides in scale removal and prevention
  • Regular use will prevent the deposit of new stains and continue to reduce older metallic stains
  • Excellent as a start-up for new and re-surfaced pools

Important Notes

  • This product will lower pH and total alkalinity
  • When readjusting, bring the pH and total alkalinity up very slowly.


  • 1LT treats up to 50,000 Litres pool water
  • Refer to directions for more detailed dosage rates and instructions

A few more facts about staining...

Organic Stains

Spot dosing with granular chlorine is the easiest way to remove stains. Care should be taken not to bleach the pool surface, particularly when treating a patterned vinyl liner. It is suggested that the chlorine be suspended near the stain (use a synthetic sock or panty hose).

Metal Stains

This is a very complex subject. Metal stains are normally caused by dissolved iron or copper. Iron stains appear as a brown or rust coloured discoloration. Copper stains appear as blue, gray or black discoloration.

Iron Staining

Occurs quite often in fibreglass pools. Traditional methods of treatment have included addition of various organic acids. These tend to alter the water balance significantly and may affect the chlorine reading on conventional test kits.

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