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RI Automatic Chemical Dosing | INSNRG

The perfect all round solution for yoru swimming pool. For the purest swimming water, install the Ri Automatic Chemical Doser. To maintain ideal swimming water it is important to track and maintain your pH and Chlorine levels. The Ri Automatic Chemical Doser does this with a sophisticated probe and dosing system. No need to manually add chemicals to your pool, the Ri does it for you. The Ri Automatic Doser takes your pool control to the next level. Not only will your pool water be always ready to swim, the Ri comes complete with additional functions which monitor and integrate with other Insnrg pool equipment.


  • Automatic water monitoring
  • Chlorine and acid dosing
  • Temperature inputs
  • 3 x valve actuators
  • LED Light Control
  • InTouch Compatible


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RI Automatic Chemical Dosing | INSNRG

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