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UI UV Disinfection System | INSNRG

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UI UVC Disinfection System | INSNRG

The most effective pool water sterilizer you can give to your family. For the healthiest water consider Insnrg’s Ui UVC Pool Sanitiser. UV sterilization is the environmentally friendly way to kill 99.9% of all germs and algae present in your pool or spa water. Your pool and spa water will always need a residual sanitiser in the water as some of steriliser needs to be present in the body of the water to deal with organic matter that can enter the pool. Chorine is the most widely used steriliser but imagine if you can lower your chlorine level of 80%. The Ui UVC Pool Sanitiser virtually eliminates all pathogens by destroying the DNA as the water passes the UV lamp leaving very low levels of chlorine or other residual sanitisers to deal with an influx of organic debris into the pool.


  • Unique 2 pass design: compact footprint and double exposure of water to light
  • Kills 99% of pathogens at DNA level
  • 80% reduction in chlorine demand

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