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Viron QL Quad Filter | AstralPool

Made from quality components, the injection moulded design of the Viron QL420 and QL540 filters is made up of non-corrosive materials and provides ready access to all elements. Fine tolerance manufacturing increases the life and reduces ongoing maintenance. With less plumbing and no backwash line, installing and maintaining your Viron filter is so simple that anyone in the family can do it. 

Water Saving
The Viron is designed to save between 8,000 and 20,000 litres (2,000 and 5,400 US gallons) of water each year, by only requiring once a year cleaning for most residential pools. Made for Australian conditions, Viron doesn’t need regular flushing like sand or glass media filters, which means you save the equivalent of 37 hours of shower time in water.

Low Maintenance
Viron’s secret lies in its low maintenance. With the use of four state-of-the-art filter elements, they have enormous capacity so they only require cleaning twice a year. An inbuilt automatic air bleed system also reduces the manual air bleeding process simplifying your routine maintenance program.


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Viron QL Quad Filter | AstralPool

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