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Heating Your Swimming Pool

When you have invested a large amount of money in a swimming pool, we believe you should be able to enjoy it beyond the summer months, or even all year round.

A comfortable swimming tempter is around 25 - 26°C ,however with additional heating it will usually stay between 18 - 20°C. While your swimming pool will absorb heat during the day it can lose as much as 5°C over night, making it difficult to keep the pool at a consistent temperature naturally.

At Aqua Clear, we offer a range of affordable options to let you get the most  of your swimming pool.

Gas Pool Heating

A gas heater is a cost effective way to heat your swimming pool to a comfortable swimming temperature year round. It can provide "on-demand" heating which means your pool will be at the temperature you want it, when you want it, regardless of the weather conditions. When you're choosing a gas heater for your swimming pool you should consider the following:

Pool Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a very energy-efficient heating option for your pool and a great alternative for areas that don't have a natural gas connection. It uses the same technology as reverse-cycle air conditioners, extracting heat from the air and transferring it to water through a series of processes.When choosing a heat pump, you should consider the following factors:

*Heat pumps perform better in warmer, tropical climates

Solar Pool Heating

A solar heating system of the right size can keep your pool at a comfortable swimming temperature and extend your swimming season.Solar pool heaters use energy and heat from the sun, so they're best suited to sunny areas. They're one of the most economical and environmentally-friendly heating options and, when combined with a gas booster, provide the most efficient temperature control, regardless of the sun.When choosing a solar heating system you should consider the following:

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