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Pool Chemical Maintenance

Your swimming pools water should be clear, healthy and safe for your family and friends. Correctly maintained water eliminates potentially harmful bacteria and protects your swimming pool and its equipment against corrosion and scale buildup.

There are two main aspects to maintaining healthy, clear swimming pool water:

Water Sanitation

Everything that enters your swimming pool, including bathers, leaves, pets and top-up water is a source of bacteria. To keep these bacteria under control, your pool water must be treated with a sanitising chemical, usually chlorine, and continuously filtered to remove dead bacteria.An adequate level of sanitiser residual will ensure that and new bacteria are quickly eliminated without affecting the quality of the pool water. Regular testing and addition of chlorine will help to maintain your pool at the desired residual level of 1.0 - 3.0ppm (parts per million)

Water Balance

Having the correct water balance is crucial to bather comfort, sanitiser performance and the longevity of your swimming pool shell and equipment .Chemical imbalance can cause corrosion and scale formation causing costly, unnecessary damage and preventing proper sanitation.

pH Level

Alkalinity Level

Calcium Hardness

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